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The SOLVE (Social Lab Ventures) Project, is an innovative and targeted commitment to philanthropy by some of India’s largest corporations. Our main goal is to engineer the reformation of the social philanthropy landscape in India by ensuring that companies work toward social good in a more focused, organised, and enthusiastic manner.

We are a social innovation lab that aims to a foster broad free-market philanthropy in India. We hope to explore new ways for companies to focus their efforts, work together, and achieve public change on a scale that is normally only seen in private enterprises. Our goal will be to showcase alternative methods of giving, link companies who are also willing to engage in this kind of innovative philanthropy, and eventually get them to commit to acts of social good.

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SOLVE is a reaction to the generally unfocused nature of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work being done in India. Since the passing of the Companies Act in 2013, all large Indian corporations have been required to commit 2% of their profits to some form of social responsibility. This act, while well intentioned, has not necessarily increased engagement in acts of social responsibility, nor has it fostered innovation or collaboration; companies are simply expected to report 2% of their margin in any way they see fit. Every company engages, or reports to engage, in its own projects, which in turn creates both a “selfish” and fragmented culture of giving, thus losing out on all opportunity for cohesion and scale.

This is where we intervene. SOLVE facilitates better philanthropy by analysing the most effective and beneficial ways in which a given corporation can contribute its share to the society, and coordinates with local organisations to ensure that the firm’s inputs are utilised in the best, and most sustainable, way possible.