Distributing First Aid Kits and Water Purifiers

Distributing First Aid Kits & Water Purifiers

Pledge No. 3

Clean Water and basic First Aid amenities are difficult to access for the needy and hence SOLVE took the reins of providing the same to all of them.

Our third project aims to provide them all with proper First Aid resources and Filtered Water for better health and safety. Water and First- Aid both are one of the most essential part of a human life and it is hard to sink in the fact that there are lot of people who have no access to these.

In an effort to make these basic necessities available to all, SOLVE has started an initiative of distributing Water Purifiers and First Aid Kits to all those who are in need.

This initiative of ours aims for a greater goal of creating a healthy and disease free India.
Our process has three stages:



The need of filtered water and first aid kits is immense and SOLVE aims to provide these basic needs to all.



We aim to support the ones who are in need and who have no access to both of these essential necessities.



Providing Water Purifiers and First Aid Kit is what we aim for in order to create a healthy future for all.