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Corporate Partner

We aim to produce a paradigm shift in the social philanthropy scene in India with some of the top corporations in the country.

Our first partner is ACTION SHOES, for whom we have come up with an innovative model (Pledge No.1) where we instate a buy-back scheme for old shoes, in exchange for which customers get discount coupons for new shoes. We are also setting up shoe donation boxes all over the National Capital Region (NCR). The objective is to facilitate the repair of these shoes by local craftsmen, and donate them to children and adults from low income groups living in Delhi-NCR, so that no person in the region walks barefoot.

a. Most recently we have partnered with Nandan Denims, India’s largest denim supplier. In an effort to make a tangible impact in the fight against textile waste and pollution, SOLVE, in partnership with Nandan Denims, will utilize scrap material from denim products to make bags, clothing, and jeans. We have also partnered with local NGOs to distribute these newly made products, providing students with new materials!